who we are

About US

We live in a world where the use of energy is as important as the air we breathe to survive, yet we fail to preserve and cherish the pale blue dots forgetting that it is the only home we know.

We are an organization instilled with the firm belief that the role of combating climate change is not seized upon the government authorities alone.
Our actions and inactions contributes to the rising menace of climate change in our communities. From the waste we dump into canals that cause flooding, to the waste we burn polluting our environment, to the forestry we set on fire killing animals, to the excavation of trees that are meant to provide a healthy ecosystem.

There is an urgent need to individually and collectively contribute towards the growth of environmental sustainability, and clean energy.

Our Vision

To build and contribute to the future of energy sustainability and environmental sustainability through education and lending our voices towards a safe energy transition

Our Objectives

1. Climate Education
We are committed towards promoting climate education amongst young minds. We hope to achieve this by exposing young budding minds to the intricacies of the energy sector and to provide sound education on climate change.

2. Providing Opportunities in the energy sector.
We are dedicated towards helping energy enthusiasts build capacity by acquiring requisite skills, knowledge and exposure needed to lead a frontline career in the energy sector.

3. We are committed to deliver bespoke reviews of national, international laws, policies and regulations that promotes environmental sustainability while combating climate change